About Us

ULTRAMARINE is an online/mail-order book dealer located in Downtown Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood. We have been dealing in books since 1995 and living happily in Fort Greene since 1972.


Our listed inventory is composed largely of books dealing with the arts: painters and painting; sculpture; architecture; decorative arts; textile design and making; photography; landscape and garden design; art history. Mingled with the art books are literature, history, biography, religious, humor, poetry, and other. We have a good stock of maritime (seas, ships and sailors) books, which we hope to soon begin listing. 


A bit about our home base: Downtown Brooklyn is a fascinating place with a wealth of historical, cultural, and commercial interest. It was the focal point of the Battle of Brooklyn (or, as some have it, the Battle of Long Island) and the departure point of Washington's retreat that saved America's army. The landmark Martyrs' Monument., which honors the more than 10,000 soldiers, sailors and citizens who died in British prison ships during the War for Independence sits in Fort Greene Park at the end of our street. At the other end of our street each November the runners in the New York City Marathon will pass along Lafayette Avenue. A bit further down Lafayette Avenue is BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Fort Greene is and has long been home to numerous artists and musicians.


Should you wish to try one of the neighborhood's terrific restaurants contact us and we will offer our recommendations.